Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski watch replica watches

Ceramic is inside, guys, and Hublot is taking one more step than anyone else. If you haven't noticed the trend towards ceramic cases, frames and other components let me be the first to tell you: it's here and fake watches Hublot it's quite exciting. However, until relatively recently, ceramic watches were mostly limited to black, white and gray color palettes. Last summer, Hublot released the first of its kind in a fully polished and saturated ceramic Big Bang as shown by Ariel. Now, in the new Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski (ref 525.CF.0130.RX.ORL19) we see the material applied to a new model in collaboration with the good French artist Richard Orlinski.

We have seen for the first time Orlinski's work with Hublot on Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski All Black Watch of which you can read David's article here. Orlinsky's work focuses on sharp three-dimensional structures, and this fits easily into Hublot projects, and not least at the Classic Fusion Chronograph seen here. The case itself is faceted like a gem, with multiple polished tops and sculpted lines of red ceramic. That, mixed with the 45mm size of the case, will make a statement on the wrist. This particular watch is intended to refer to the Richard Wild Born Crocodile sculpture which features a shiny red representation of a crocodile carved in polyresin.

One of the most exciting things about the Classic Fusion Chronograph's new red ceramic case is that through the four years of development to achieve the desired color, Hublot has also achieved a patented ceramic that is harder than previous versions. The new red ceramic reaches a Vickers replica watches Hublot hardness level of 1500 HV1 compared to the previous 1200 HV2. In the article above, David reports a story in which he captures his Fusion All Black Classic Chronograph on a lamppost, causing more damage to the lamp than the clock, but a small surface mark that has been removed from a rubber. I can't help but want to similarly test the harder red ceramic of the Orlinski Chronograph Fusion Hublot Classic watch.

An interesting question I have about the process that Hublot went through to develop and implement these red ceramic cases is simply: what are the prospects? Now that we have broken the technological barrier from the subdued black and gray ceramic cases, can these same techniques be used to provide yellow replica horloges and bright Hublot with green casing? If they can do it, chances are good that Hublot will do it. Time will tell, but Hublot says that this process lasted four years from conception to industrial realization - I wonder what are the challenges that a new color could bring.